Fleabite invites us to step into their time capsule and nostalgia tinted new music video, “Find”.

After a few years of radio silence, Philly-meets-Brooklyn based band, Fleabite, follows up their TTYL EP with the infectious and introspective punk tune, “Find”. Over the course of two and a half minutes, lead vocalist Ali Donahue offers a cathartic sneak preview to the group’s upcoming NVM EP singing,“I’m starting to find that I’m mostly out of my mind / so I crawl back inside but it doesn’t feel good to hide.” In true Fleabite fashion, the six songs on NVM are somewhat of a group therapy session–bringing to light hidden and heavy feelings while embarking on a path of self-discovery to reach a place of significant growth.

As most of Fleabite’s visuals range in style, from claymations to narrative, the video for “Find” is not prim and polished.

Instead, Fleabite gives us a genuine glance at their more intimate moments together. Much like the way family videos chronicle the memories of growing up, the band invites us to step into a time capsule with an energetic film montage documenting their tour last year and the recording process of NVM. It’s in these nostalgic glimpses that we really get to know the four piece.  

She Shreds got a chance to chat with Fleabite and talked new music, self-discover and future plans.

She Shreds (SS): Your last EP came out a little over 3 years ago so it’s really exciting that Fleabite has a new release out on Salinas Records this summer. What was the recording process like for the new EP and how was it different than previous releases?

Fleabite (FB): Shortly after our last release, TTYL, Fleabite’s lineup changed to include Jade Payne on lead guitar and Joe McCann on drums so after three plus years of playing live with this current lineup, it’s really exciting to be able to share a recording that the four of us made together. NVM was recorded last June at the now defunct Ultrasuede Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio with John Hoffman and Jerri Queen from the band, Vacation. We drove to Cincinnati from Philadelphia in a day, recorded for a day, and then drove back to Philadelphia in a day. It was kind of a whirlwind but at the time doing it that way made the most sense because of our different schedules and the fact that as a band we are based in Philadelphia and New York.

SS: NVM is an extremely cathartic albumthemes of self-discovery, growth, and sorting through emotional baggage throughout the process are not only poignant but also super relatable. What moments or experiences inspired some of these songs?

FB: The songs on NVM were written while I was moving from Boston to Philadelphia, and the early years of living in Philly. I lived in Boston for seven years, our bassist Chelsea also lived there for many years, but after seven years I realized I needed change so I moved. Moving helped me address things in my life that I wanted to focus on like my mental health and feeling comfortable with my identity overall. But in other ways I found myself falling into old patterns and a lot of the songs are about the different aspects of that personal journey from taking stock of your problems and shortcomings, to working through them and then celebrating that work.

SS: The music video for “Find” is a time capsule in many ways. Where and when was this footage recorded, and how did it feel to compile all of these memories into one video?

FB: Most of the footage for Find was shot by our bassist Chelsea and I last April while we were on tour. Some of the footage was shot while we were recording NVM in Ohio. Tour often feels like a time capsule or being in a bubble with a group of people and I wanted to create a video that mirrored that feeling.

SS: What can we expect in the immediate and distant future for Fleabite?

FB: Our 12″ EP NVM comes out officially on Salinas Records June 29. We’re currently planning a tour for early July and are looking forward to playing shows this summer and beyond.