Elixir’s custom coated electric guitar strings reduce finger noise while increasing tone life and playability.

More often than not, electric guitar strings are a last minute choice, hanging lonely on a wall behind the counter. A quick read on the packaging, and a suggestion or two from the person behind the counter does the trick. Often intimidating, and technical words are what can push us away from becoming educated and strings—often considered an accessory—get overlooked. In reality, the vibrations they create, or don’t create, will make or break your tone no matter how amazing your guitar is. Companies like Elixir Strings have taken it upon themselves to elevate the string game, in particular through their custom coated strings which have become popular among studio and touring musicians.

In my early string shopping adventures, I became acquainted with the Elixir Nanoweb coated strings. I quickly started to believe that these were the perfect string for me. They eliminated finger squeaks (a highly valued quality in the studio), guaranteed tone consistency throughout the life of the strings, and a long life-span overall. After six plus months of use before breaking my first string, uncoated strings were dead to me.

The guitar you play is going to be the thing closest to your body, the thing you wrap your immediate creative energy around. The materials on that guitar are of the utmost importance.  What about the part of the guitar that dictates the way your fingers get to dance, and the immediate output they create?

Strings: The first thing we touch, the first thing we forget to care about. Let’s break down what you’re actually touching when you play coated strings.

Elixir Strings uses a proprietary coating built on science and engineering, consisting of organic polymers. What’s that? These polymers are the same materials found in medical products that are used inside the human body. 

Unique to Elixir Strings coating process, the gaps between the windings in the wound strings, and outer surface of the string, are coated with a  featherweight proprietary polymer. This repels debris like dirt, oil, and dead skin from attaching itself to your strings. Once your strings get dirty, you may as well be screaming with your hands over your mouth, your tone and resonance are highly compromised.

Corrosion is a string’s worst nightmare, causing breakage at friction points, caused by rust, potting, and wear and tear. Elixir’s newest line, the nickel plated Optiweb coated electric string, has quickly moved into the spotlight with the ability to feel like an uncoated string. A thinner coating makes for a more natural feel. You get the benefit of a bright, crisp tone, without the altered feeling of a coated string. You can experiment with any of Elixir’s three types of custom coated strings to find your preferred tone and feel, knowing all will provide the same tone life.

Polyweb: Warm, slick, and fast: the original coating 

Nanoweb: Bright, and smooth: feels a little more natural than Polyweb, still squeak proof.

Optiweb: Crisp, and natural feeling, sounds like uncoated strings, and have the cleanest response, giving you more attack.

Elixir Strings strives to set you up for success, utilizing proven scientific technology to extend your tone life, and quality exponentially.  Less fussing, more shredding!