Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for January 2020 to find out what the universe has to say about you in the new year!

We’re so happy to introduce Celia Sagastume of Astrosagas (and more) as our new, resident astrologer for our Audioscopes series. Read your Audioscopes for January 2020 below, followed by more info about Celia’s background and work!

Audioscopes for January 2020: An Acceptance of Time

January is a time of renewal. We set intentions based on our plans, focus our arrows on the target, and start the training necessary in order to aim true and center.

But this year is a bit different.

There are folds of time closing now: a year, a decade, a 35-year Saturn-Pluto cycle in the making. Many of us have reached the culmination of a long journey, only to turn back and start anew.

Ease into it. Capricorn is about the acceptance of time, your own limitations, and the choices that must be made when you realize you can’t get it all done—unless you plan it out.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Never saw what she was named after
Said it didn’t matter
I found me
I found me
I found me.

— Camp Cope, “Sagan-Indiana”

The taste of iron is getting old. Who have you put on this suit of armor for? There will always be a call to action, the sound of the horn breaking dawn. You can join the infantry troops on the field, but no one has noticed the blood dripping down your leg, the crack in your shield, the rust eating through. You’ve forgotten the colors of your own banner, your family crest, the rush of wind through your hair when you follow your own tune. Drop your weapons. Take the day off. Recover the fire in your belly that will warm your heart. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Lift up your face and look at the sky.

— Kim Jung Mi, “Haenim”

You have to get up now. You’ve stayed so long in the same pasture, grazing in the same field, listening to the same morning songs, that you have become part of the background noise, like the brown leaves beneath your feet and the endless green of undefined leaves approaching the horizon. The gate is open and you must go through the door. You will always find this place again—this safety and comfort of ritual practice knows no bounds. But you will fade into the background trying to hold on to something that doesn’t need saving. 

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

But how can a ghost look in
(look in the mirror)
Uh oh, I see your flaws
That’s how the mirror works
Dreams don’t come true
unless she close her eyes.

—Ambré, “Ghost”

Rip the mask off the twin in the mirror. I know that you know your true face. The grin that you dare not look at is hidden in the shadows, but now the spotlight fades in. There’s no denying the power hidden behind her iris—the yearning for power, the knowledge of rightful place. Life can be a series of yes, maybe, and sometime later—but later is now, and she’s not waiting any longer. Trust the fire that burns in your belly, screaming for more. The time of small compromises is over. Do you even recognize your true face?

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

I am the autumn and the scarlet, I am the make-up on your eyes.

— The Breeders, “Off You”

There will be great love, ecstatic connection, large smiles beaming in rays of light. And just like that we can cut to tears flowing down like rivers into cracked pavement, another turn in the story leading to regret. You really can’t count on anything staying. You have no control. And yet, in this home that has seen both sunshine and storm, you are never alone. There is one person you can count on always being there, whether you like her or not, whether you call her or not, whether you remember her birthday or cut through her, cruel words like daggers in the night. Be kind—she’ll be the only one there at the end of the night.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You’ll find in time
all the answers that you seek
have been sitting there just waiting to be seen.
Take away your pride and take away your grief,
and you’ll finally be right where you need to be

—Chastity Belt, “Different Now”

Jumping through the golden skylight of creative fervor and lightning imagination, you wish to see every single vision turn manifest, every joy given form, every light shine down on those you love. But there is no way to share your inspiration unless you dedicate your time and energy to the craft. You can keep on dancing in your head, a private performance of one. Or you can pick a friend that you will guide down into this world, give it form, and share it with the rest of us. Only when you’re ready and willing will you find the desire to commit to the craft. When the mood strikes, you’ll know. Until then, enjoy your song. 

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The piece of peace that your perfect would release into the world 
would be a poison to the Devil
So every chance is taken to take your light, and sell it back to the 
sky, and for twice as high
You’re wise now, though, know it 
Do not plant a seed in your 
mind, if you do not wish to grow it.

—Mereba, “dodging the devil”

If only you could find the perfect soil for this seed growing within you—the garden where this flower will bloom is crystal clear in your mind’s eye, if not manifest on paper. But be wary of traveling long distances in your imagination for a perfection that does not exist in this realm. Down here, on this Earth, we make do with what we can. There are cracks in the wallpaper and the lights can be quite dim, and yet, every now and then, a rose. Trust it. 

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

I’m on a path
I’m in my god body, n**** do the math, and I
I take a bath in the water I
Know I am the daughter of the river, of the moon
Blessed by Oshun, ayy

— OSHUN, “Blessings on Blessings”

Home is the open pasture expanding in the center of your heart. The fences that lay around her are the barriers you’ve put up based on past experience and past pain. You have your reasons for playing it safe, keeping the center small, guarded, and secret. But make sure not to close the door on your own entryway, blocking yourself from the warmth of your own golden rays. Step in, explore the path, cultivate your own garden. No one belongs here more than you. Make sure to keep the door open for her.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Let these times show you that you’re breaking up the lines,
leaving all your dreams too far behind.
Didn’t you see, you can’t make it without ever even trying?
And somethings on your mind. 

—Karen Dalton, “Something On Your Mind”

No, you don’t need to tell anyone about that memory lodged deep within your brain that repeats every time you stare into the distance, unfocused eyes gazing out on the horizon. But this is the time to let the resonance of the past go through regurgitation. Things hold onto meaning when they are kept in glass bottles, collecting energy like dust, playing out ad infinitum in silence. Get it out. Pull the words out like stones from the pit inside your belly. Dress them up with layers of foundation, contour the sharp edges, build a new structure to house the lesson shining through your eyes. Tell no one.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Baby, where would I be 
without your love beside me? Oh,
Baby where would I be? 
Probably gone, oh.

—Summer Walker, “CPR”

You have been through the desert riding nothing but the fumes from an old dirt bike, barely making it through to the next sunrise. Was there anyone there with you? Is there a sidecar to your journey, holding your hand through the long nights, whispering gold through the haze of disappointment and regret? The tide is turning as it always does. But you’ve been shown the outlines of the shadows. Don’t forget.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Behind mountains are shadows, 
now I know it’s true. 
There are countless waters, endless seas, 
now I know it’s true.

—New Bloods, “Behind Mountains”

Nothing lines up like primrose streets and neat boxes in rows, even when you take the time to give each one the proper container. The year 2020 is like a waterfall of energy—all glow up, no compromise, a wash of unrequited flow that will overtake the dams and fill each pond to the edges. There’s no use in fighting the flow. Learn which way the current is taking you and let go of your knuckle-white grip holding on to shore.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

That night, the awful relief
Now what are ya gonna do to me?
First symptom of guilt then became a permanent shame
And now I can get close enough,
close enough to see you’re overgrown with a look of love .

-Hop Along, “Look of Love”

This is the recap. Every seed you’ve planted gives rise to soft petals and glorious blooms of magnificent connections—or demise. You can look away, try to forget how every action you’ve taken has led you to this moment, but that only means you’ll be back here again, trying to find the alternate ending to a story you wrote but didn’t take the time to plan all the way through. You can’t account for every quirk in the scenery, plot twists, and character flaws, but you can account for your character arc.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You got no right to take my joy,
I want it back.

— Lucinda Williams, “Joy”

Do you know how to look in the mirror and trust the reflection it brings? It starts with being able to look into a crowd of people and spot your own face. The only difference between the projections being thrown at you and your own self-understanding is what you accept. Listen to the words being offered instead of what you think is respect. Do you offer the same support you’re seeking in return? Let yourself speak truth. Choose only those that can hear it.