Amy Winehouse would have been 35 years old today. She Shreds celebrates her legacy by celebrating what no one else has ever really discussed: her love for guitar. 

When you listen to Amy Winehouse, there’s no denying the insatiable power that comes through in her voice and lyrics. Arguably one of the greatest voices of our time, Amy Winehouse depicts the uncompromisable battle between struggle and triumph and her ability to carry that message across millions of people then, now, and forever.

As we celebrate her legacy, it’s so important to remember that Amy wasn’t only an incredibly singer and pop icon; she was a musician. “I can say that I’m a distinctive guitarist.” Winehouse says in a 2004 interview for a series of promotional videos for Fender. “I never really liked a lot of guitar bands…I loved the Velvet Underground, I loved the way they used guitars.” Adding that Carol King was a huge influence on her guitar playing, “A lot of chords I write are heavily influenced by the way [Carol King] and James Taylor would write…just quite warm chords, major chords. To me guitar is a very warm instrument and that’s why I love it as opposed to’s because it’s such a warm instrument.”

Below, watch Winehouse play guitar, and discuss how she started playing, her guitar influences, and how playing guitar on stage makes her feel strong.