It’s really no secret that Adventure Time is one of the best cartoons of our generation. As a 24-year-old woman (a.k.a. an adult), I’ll admit that for years, Adventure Time has been my go to after watching a scary movie. It’s also just brilliant.

What makes it brilliant? For starters, the writing—which blends politics with humor and wit—is perfectly on point and the dog/hero crime fighting team is something most of us can relate to on a deep level. Not only that, but the show’s theme song was written by Ashley Eriksson of the Pacific Northwest band Lake and the character Marceline is a vampire musician who shreds and is super punk.

This brings us to the most important pop-culture event of the week: In the latest episode of Adventure Time, two of our favorite worlds have  collided when Marceline sings Mitski’s “Francis Forever” off of her 2014 album Bury Me At Makeout Creek.

Check out the clip below. It’s short but sweet. Shred on Marceline, shred on.