She Shreds Magazine is the world’s only print publication dedicated to women guitarists and bassists. We strive to change the way women guitarists and bassists are depicted and presented in the music industry and popular culture by creating a platform where people can listen, see and experience what it means to be a woman who shreds. Our goal is to transcend boundaries like gender and genre—supporting radicalism, respect and revolution.

Our Team

Fabi Reyna
Founder/Editor in Chief

Cynthia Schemmer
Managing Editor

Ashley Vaughn
Social Media Director /
Junior Designer

Peter Condra
Operations Manager

Issue No.18 Contributors

Allison Crutchfield
Katie Crutchfield
Angela Hernandez
Steph Wong Ken
Stephanie Mendez
Mamie Minch
Stephanie Phillips
Fabi Reyna
Bean Tupou

Gizelle Hernandez
Lindsey Byrnes
Margaret Leyva
Rikkí Wright
Simone Thompson

Cloudy Thurstag
Hannah Soffa

Charo Cover Art Direction: Hannah Soffa
Charo Styling: Carmen Lesher
Tegan and Sara Cover Art Direction: Hannah Soffa
Makeup and Hair for Mereba: Diego Lucas
Styling for Mereba: Hannah Soffa
Photo Assistant for Tegan and Sara: Emily Vallely
Photo Assistant for Mereba: Jess Ziman
Photo Assistants for Charo: Ian Maddox and Ke Han
Tablature: Kacey Satterfield

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