For our first episode of She Shreds Radio, Cecilia Della Peruti of Los Angeles based indie-pop band, Gothic Tropic, talks to She Shreds about self-discipline, defining “guitarist” and taking a few steps back when you’re getting deep into guitar technicalities.

As the daughter of a jazz composer and a violinist, Cecilia Della Peruti has always been surrounded by musical talent and has witnessed the pros and cons of the music industry. Aside from producing and composing songs under the moniker Gothic Tropic, she also lends her skills to bands such as BØRNS and Charli XCX. In our interview with Della Peruti, She Shreds finds out how her experiences growing up in a musical family and playing in diverse music projects herself have shaped her as a guitarist and a songwriter. She also shares her advice about what it takes to become a professional musician in a city like L.A. before treating us to an exclusive acoustic performance of “Cry Like A Man,” “I Know Your Soul,” and “Major.”

Special thanks to TuneIn for providing this platform! Stay tuned for a new episode March 11th, featuring Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom Magazine and Fabi Reyna of She Shreds Magazine in conversation about running the world’s only print publication about women musicians for the first time ever.