Each year, millions of people start the new year resolved to attain their goals of self-care and self-improvement, but at She Shreds we do things a little differently than most.

Throughout the month of December, we challenged guitarists and bassists to set aside time each day to focus on performance, playing, and invention, and share their musical creations with other participants through our social media community.We called it #1riffaday.

The Inspiration:

The idea for #1riffaday challenge stemmed from personal writer’s block, and talking with friends about WANTING to play more but never fulfilling it.

The Challenge:

#1riffaday challenge was meant to inspire players to pick up an instrument, play for a minimum of 10 minutes each day from December 1 – December 31, and record and post a riff from that jam session.

The Goals:

Through this challenge your fingers would be exercised, your creativity would be flowing, you’d experience a decrease of “stage fright” or fear of performance, and boost your confidence in showcasing your music.

Along with accomplishing those goals in your own performance, you’d have an community of shredders through the #1riffaday hashtag to connect with, engage, with, and share inspirations. At the end of the month, you’d not only be able to look back at all the work you’ve done, and the riffs you’ve written, but also walk away with new ideas to expand on.

The Results:

Few people completed all 31 days but hundreds of people participated worldwide with over 3,000 posts—not including Instagram stories. Players ranged form seasoned players to aspiring musicians who actually picked up a guitar  for the first time on December 1st.

If you are one of the amazing people who completed all 31 days please email us at [email protected] with the subject #1riffaday WINNER to claim your price!

There were so many amazing videos throughout the challenge, which you can explore on Instagram. Below are 16 of our favorites:


Day 31, the very last day of this challenge 🙂 I had a lot of fun ? Thank you so much @sheshredsmag this helped me a lottt. And I would do it again and again and again. I’m gonna miss the #1RiffADay challenge #sheshreds //Also this beat is inspired by Love by Kendrick Lamar

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Day 31 switching it up on the last #1riffaday with some fuzzy bass grooves ? #sheshreds #doommetal #riffs #fuzz

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Day 21 of the #1riffaday challenge.. Lucien wrote this riff. Dad’s on drums behind the camera. Sorry bout the out of tune piano. It’s on my to do list. . . . . #guitar #piano #familyband #kidmusician #songwriting

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#riffadaychallenge #1riffaday #day5 It’s getting tougher, now here’s a #riff from “I’d Swear” @supertrashband throwback @sheshredsmag

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Day 15 ? sleepy AM, sleepy riff. Going away for the weekend, so I squeezed in this little jam before taking off. • @sheshredsmag #1riffaday #sheshreds #shefuckingshreds

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Day 1 of the #1riffaday challenge started by @sheshredsmag. I’ll be posting these on my story, but also going to post here so I can keep track of my progress throughout December. This was hard to post, makes me nervous, but I’m going to keep doing it! #sheshreds

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@sheshredsmag is doing a #1riffaday challenge and I’m not emotionally prepared. #sheshreds #guitar #girlsrock #riff #music #electricguitar #epiphone #doom #idontknowwhattocallthisone #somethinglike #illtakeitfromyouwhileyouaresleeping #peppermintbutlerquote

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Day thray #1RiffADay when u go to an early music concert and feel inspired lol . . . . #sheshreds #counterpoint #guitar #katiesin #baroque

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Day 30 #sheshreds #1riffaday and I’m feeling this jam #swimminginsound

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My hands are cracking and the audio quality of my phone is trash

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Riff 20/31. More fun with @matthewseffects The Chemist. The Phaser sounds on this pedal are sick. Thanks to the inspiring @dylanmattheisen all I do now is tapping. 11 more days to go! #sheshredschallenge #sheshreds #1riffaday #riffwars #solosection @solo_section @sheshredsmag

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Today’s practice was cut short by back pain (yaaay!)- but enough to go over a few songs in the set. Sometimes I like to throw this little #guitarsolo in the beginning of They Don’t Make Em Like That Anymore #nylonstrings #cordoba #sheshreds #1riffaday #guitars #guitarist #originalmusic #jazznoir #jazzguitar #jazz #acousticguitar#originalmusic

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#sheshreds #1riffaday #day20 featuring somethings that @adam.mcphail taught me ?

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Day 14: #1RiffADay @sheshredsmag #Challenge. I thought I had nothing today, but I found this fleeting riff somewhere amidst the sleep deprivation. #? #sheshreds #mustang #mxr #fenderbluesjr #alternatetuning

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Day 4/31 of the #SheShreds #1RiffADay challenge @sheshredsmag

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16. @ALEVINE_93

Day 21 of #1riffaday @sheshredsmag

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