If you look up things along the lines of “female mexican guitarist” you get one photo of Lila Downs, one of Lydia Mendoza, and then like 20 variations of this photo:


Pretty whack. So, we decided to do our own research and present 10 videos of amazing women shredding in genres known to be traditional and machismo in the country of Mexico. Meaning that *truly* the visibility of women in these genres is few and far between and most often hard to find success in as a woman. The women showcased below made space for themselves, and continue to pave way for all of us latinx to know that it’s possible and that we can do it ourselves. Did we miss someone? Leave their name and a link in the comments below!

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Las Potranquitas Del Norte

Lydia Mendoza

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Duo Hermanitas Nuñez

Miriam Nuñez

Edna Vazquez

Rondalla Las Flores

Trio Las Palomitas Serranas

Las Fenix

Las Rancheritas Y Su Mariachi

Las Coronellas / Las Estrellas De Mexico / Las Adelitas

Celia Mireles