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Issue No. 19

Featuring: Tegan and Sara / Charo / Dueto Dos Rosas / UMI / Mereba / 50 Builders and Repairers in the Guitar Industry / The Righteousness of Joan Armatrading / Guest Editor: Adrienne Hailey / + more
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The Bossa Nova Guitar of Rosinha de Valença

Brazilian guitarist Rosinha de Valença was at the forefront of bossa nova’s peak in the 1960s, leaving behind an often  more

Be Your Own Manager Part Three: The Right People and Resources

Guitar Gabby has self-managed herself and the Txlips for the last five years. In this four-part series, she outlines the  more

How to Disinfect Musical Instruments During Covid-19

We spoke with luthier Nicole Alosinac about how to disinfect musical instruments, the most common methods, and how they could  more

Scene Report: 50 Women Builders and Repairers in the Guitar Industry

Mamie Minch, co-founder of Brooklyn Lutherie, compiled a list of 50 women builders and repairers in the guitar industry that  more

Lesson: Learn How to Build an Amp from an Old Radio

Looking for a new project and a sick way to add some spice to your music gear? Learn how to  more

The Versatility of Loopers: Practicing Solos and Live Hacks

Loopers offers endless experimenting for both practice and live performance. We broke down some key uses with the help of  more

Musicians Are Returning to Hospitals During COVID-19

Musicians are returning to their previous work as nurses to help hospitals during this global pandemic—and they need your support.  more

Musicians Demand Unemployment Benefits in Letter to Congress

Musicians United For Unemployment Benefits calls on Congress to give federal relief to musicians during the cancellations of the gig  more

Spain’s Cuarentena Fest: ‘Don’t Let The Music Stop’

Cuarentena Fest, a 12-day virtual event happening through March 27, gathers musicians in Spain to perform during the country’s COVID-19  more
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