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Issue No. 17

Fanny / Scene Report: Calgary / In The Pink: Leila Sidi and TunaTone Guitars / Use The Mic: Speaking Up About Plastic Waste Reduction / A Seat At The Table: The Women in Higher Guitar Education / Tawiah / Ex Hex / Nilüfer Yanya / Sasami / Up To Speed: Exercises for Fast Playing / Sound Control: Tanukichan / + more
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Tawiah Tests Her Limits

Tawiah talks going back to the basics, visiting her motherland and her favorite gear. This article originally appears in the  more

Touring Parents Balance A Career, Negotiate Environments And Rely on Community

How Do Touring Parents Pursue Their Career? The first thing Laura Jane Grace, founder and frontwoman of Against Me! and  more

Ex Hex and Their New Work Hinges On Creativity and Trust

Ex Hex is making more than waves this year. They’re testing their own creativity with their new album. Washington D.C.  more

The Martin GPC-11E Road Series Is In Line With Tradition

Martin Guitars new Road Series keeps the “Martin Sound” authentic For more than 180 years, C.F. Martin and Company have  more

String Selects: Knowing Your Perfect String Type (Electric Guitar)

In this string overview you’ll learn about the varying components that affect your tone and how they can determine whether  more

Review: The Ernie Ball Monarchy Series Majesty

The Ernie Ball Music Man Monarchy Series Majesty sounds just as majestic as it looks. Even playing the Monarchy Series  more

It’s Getting Warm Out, Let She Shreds Help Start Your Summer Off Right

For our Summer Playlist, we gather our favorite tunes to start summer off just right. It’s finally warming up and  more

Work at She Shreds! Now Seeking Lead Print Designer/Director

For the last six years, She Shreds Magazine has been a source for guitarists and creatives to share a platform  more

10 Artists to Watch for at Brighton’s The Great Escape

The Great Escape is coming, so be prepared on the rad music you’re about to hear. We got you though,  more
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