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Elizabeth Powell on Her Return to Land of Talk, Conceptual Songwriting, and Courage

Elizabeth Powell on Her Return to Land of Talk, Conceptual Songwriting, and Courage

This interview originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #13, which was released in September, 2017. Elizabeth Powell vanished in 2010.  more

Lomelda’s Hannah Read on Space, Time, and Enjoying the Ride

2017 has been a huge year for Hannah Read. The heart of the folk rock band Lomelda, Read rocketed into  more

Chastity Belt on Balance, Gear, and Being Sincere Without Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Chastity Belt is known for hazy post-punk that has its quirks—they’ve been releasing songs with names like “Giant Vagina” and  more

Ends Meet: An Interview with Melina Duterte of Jay Som

At 22 years old, Melina Duterte is a hardworking maverick. Under the name Jay Som, she exhibits her well-practiced skills  more

Evolving Moods and Music: An Interview with Emma Ruth Rundle

“I personally can’t continue to write and tour on music that focuses on such dark subject matter. It’s really not  more

Nature, Emotion, and Musical Expression: An Interview with Mono’s Tamaki Kunishi

Japan’s Mono have been titans of post-rock since they upended the decade-old genre with their 1999 debut Under the Pipal  more

“I’m Not a Musician”: An Interview with Kim Gordon

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

Mitski + Eskimeaux in Conversation: She Shreds X Stumble on Tapes #6

For our last episode of this year’s Stumble on Tapes X She Shreds videos, we sat down with two of  more

Exploring Multiplicity with Maryn Jones of All Dogs

If you have heard the name Maryn Jones, it could have been under a wide range of contexts. The twenty-seven  more

Peach Kelli Pop: Teaching Yourself How to Play Guitar

Peach Kelli Pop hits a sweet chord with catchy rhythms, bubble-gum vocals, and whimsical lyrics—but don’t let her cute image  more

Setting Your Priorities Straight with Leggy

Leggy is one of the sweetest things to come out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The trio of Véronique Allaer, Kerstin Bladh  more

The Ladies in Silver Suits: An Interview with Mars Needs Women

It has certainly been a while since a German band sent the petty coats flying, but the ladies from Mars  more

Tour Tips with Bestfriend Grrlfriend

Bestfriend Grrlfriend is the queer punk and DJ entity featuring Naomi Violet and Shawna Shawnté. The Bay area duo play  more

Printing Tabs Off of the Dial-Up Internet with Erica Freas Of RVIVR

Olympia, Washington’s RVIVR is reputed for its catchy, thrashy, and triumphant take on socially conscious pop punk. Thus it’s almost  more

An Interview with the Swedish Psychedelic Blues Band, Cosmic Blonde

Cosmic Blonde’s story begins at ELLA — an all-female rock music program located on a remote island in the Baltic  more

“Filling My House with Crystals”: An Interview with Lydia Lund of Chastity Belt

Since the release of No Regrets in 2013, Seattle’s Chastity Belt have emerged as post-punk party rock staples. Melancholy but  more

The Infinite Pursuit of Musical Possibility with Lori Goldston

Lori Goldston has done experimental collaborations with bands such as Mirah, Nirvana, Earth, Black Cat Orchestra, Broken Water, Dave Abramson,  more

Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams Goes to Beverly Hills

We got to spend a day cruising down the streets of Beverly Hills with the wonderful and lovable Shannon Shaw––bass  more

DIY and the Process of Self-Discovery with mr. Gnome

With an impressive assortment of pedals and guitars in tow, Nicole Barille of mr. Gnome looks like she’s setting up  more

“Everyone Is a Genius Alone in Their Bedroom”: An Interview with Elisa Ambrogio of Magik Markers

I’ve admired Elisa Ambrogio’s guitar playing in the New England noise outfit Magik Markers so much that I was both  more

Shape Shifting with Ruby Fray’s Emily Beanblossom

Emily Beanblossom is the singer, songwriter and guitar player of Austin’s Ruby Fray. Perhaps it’s all the episodes of Project  more

Talking Technique with Mary Timony

Mary Timony has been lending her dynamic and melodic guitar riffs to the alternative/indie rock music scene since Dischord Records  more

Southern Shredders: Meet Jessi and Nikki of Those Darlins

We caught up with Jessi and Nikki of explosive southern rock quartet Those Darlins after they played the main stage  more

Kim Shattuck on the Muffs’ First Album in Ten Years and What She Gained from Playing with the Pixies and the Pandoras

It’s been ten years since LA pop-punk band The Muffs put out their last album, Really Really Happy. Yesterday they  more

Director Beth Harrington on How Maybelle Carter Changed Guitar History

Grammy-nominated filmmaker Beth Harrington has done it again. The former rock ‘n’ roll singer-turned-documentarian who put female rockabilly artists in  more
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