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Yesterday we spent the day inside the Frantone Electronics studio and snapped this shot of Fran and her home made guitar. Check out the full interview and photos in issue 8, out in June!! #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #frantoneelectronics

#Repost @katenash. This is gonna rule! 5/30 | 12:30PM | $10 | Hollywood theater ・・・ Portland!!! I'm about to be in you! I'll be speaking at The Hollywood Theatre for @sheshredsmag as part of their festival 'Feminism, Punk & the in between' alongside @sarahmirk from @bitchmedia & @breetacocat from @tacocatband 💕 Please come say hi! 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97212

SNEAK PEEK at Issue 8 featuring @deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki! Subscribe now to receive each issue before it hits stores! 📷 by @myleskatherine #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #deerhoof #bass #shredding

#FBF to that time we interviewed and took photos of @courtneymelba for our sixth issue. That was dreamy 😍🎸Still just a few copies of that issue left! #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #courtneybarnett #pickathon

Last chance to win tix to see Speedy Ortiz with Broken Water this coming Monday @mississippistudios !! It's gonna be SICK so follow the steps above for your chance to win! #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #contest #speedy

#Repost @puisheen with @repostapp. ・・・ The world of guitar and related paraphernalia has always been a boys' club of sorts, with female musicians often used as set dressing, their bodies displayed openly to boost sales, or even overlooked for no reason other than their sex. I mean, how often do we hear the phrase "good for a girl" when speaking about female guitarists! In my line of work, all the damn time. I've worked with many female musicians, both as a tech and instrumentalist, and hearing and experiencing the marginalization of women in the guitar world is infuriating, whether it's the sound man turning up the male backup guitarist during a song because 'chicks can't solo' or watching my former bassist Kelsey endure a near-endless barrage of "show us your tits!" while playing her fucking heart out at a show. This is why I'm immensely thankful for @sheshredsmag, a guitar magazine that's centered around women and the music they make, all without the macho bullshit. This is important, this is powerful, and this is LONG overdue. Follow them on IG, check out their website, and buy a copy of their latest issue featuring BiBi McGill, guitarist for Beyoncé. #sheshreds #guitar #mag #magazine #women #female #empowerment #feminism #feminist #misogyny #bass #music #musician #followfriday #ff #bibimcgill #lespaul #gibson

Our #wcw goes out to Fran of Frantone Electronics who's been building, and manufacturing her own pedals since 2014. After a 6 year hiatus, Fran announced yesterday that Frantone pedals are coming back in 2015! Read all about it and check out all the instructional videos while you're at it! #SheShreds #sheshredsmag #pedals #geartalk #frantoneelectronics #builders #effects #guitar

#Repost @imposemagazine #sheshreds #sheshredsmag "She Shreds is the coolest. But you know, something bummed me out about the advice column. It was very fun to write, but most of the question were like, “How do you deal with sexism?” and I was like, ask me a guitar question! This is a guitar magazine! I love She Shreds and I love Tom Tom and I think it’s so cool that magazines like that exist. When you’re growing up, you don’t see anyone who looks like yourself playing these things. And then eventually you get older and you don’t care and you just work to assimilate yourself into basically what’s a white male majority. You convince yourself it’s not nice to see people who look like you, yet when you’re a kid, all you want is a fucking American Girl doll that looks exactly like you. I think it’s so exciting, as an adult, to see magazines that are showcasing people who have the same interests as me and come from a background that’s at least somewhat related to mine. I just wish that, for the same reason that Jillian Mapes just wrote that music by women is not just for women—you don’t have to pat yourself on the back for liking music by women if you’re not one. It seems like, there could be an audience for She Shreds that’s not just people asking questions about sexism." - Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz on #SheShreds and her #GenderIsOver t-shirt. Read the full #Bothering interview on #impose. 📷: @giantclick