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Issue 2: Q+A With Mary Timony



A handy tip for the avid pedal collector: An over-the-door shoe organizer, like the kind you might find in a department store, is a great way to stash your pedals. While the shoe organizers themselves vary by size, most should be able to fit a standard BOSS style pedal or slightly larger. You can also use the organizer to store any instruction manuals or specific cables needed for powering up your pedals! By @mariatsciarrino, guitarist in Philly punk band, @nootherphilly

NOT our birthday anymore butttt still our birthday week! Closing this in a few hours but you can still go get some cool she shreds stuff while it's still 20% off! For example: these awesome skateboards that we only have a handful of. Don't forget to type BIRTHDAY at checkout! #sheshreds #sheshredsmagazine

Yes!!! #shannonshaw getting stoked on #sheshreds #6! If you haven't heard @shannonandtheclams or #hunxandhispunx stop what you're doing and go listen now! #sheshreds #sheshredsmagazine #shannonandtheclams

Death by packing magazines. It's a real thing. πŸ‘†πŸ‘† However, tomorrow one million of these will be shipped at last! #magazinelife #DIY #magazineskilledtheeditorinchief #mail #sheshreds #sheshredsmagazine

OMG exactly two years ago today we released our very first issue at Shred Fest Austin. We've really come a long way thanks to the support from our readers, our sponsors, friends and family and the bands who've let us hang out with them. To show our love towards all of you we're making EVERYTHING in the shop (yes that includes hats, shirts, back issues, skateboards, etc) 20% off until we decided not to! Could be in 4 hours could be tomorrow, who knows?!!?! Make sure you type BIRTHDAY at checkout! 😍😍😘😘🎸🎸🌠🌠

"I consider myself a guitarist first, a songwriter second and singer third" - Courtney Barnett in issue 6 of She Shreds Magazine. @courtneymelba #sheshreds #sheshredsmagazine #guitarist #first #6

Last week was amazing! Thanks so much to @official_screamales, @exhexband @killquilty and everyone who came out! Now I'm going to sit in my room and play guitar all weekend. You should do the same but first check out more pics from last week on our blog! #sheshredsweek #sheshreds #sheshredsmagazine #screamingfemales #exhex #exhexband #marytimony

Wow the past week has been amazing! Thank you @official_screamales, @killquilty and @exhexband for making all of our dreams come true and being total shredders. Stole this pic from @killquilty sporting one of the new she shreds hats that will be up for sale soon! Unfortunately Sadie has to cancel the BC show tonight due to a painful chest inflammation so please send all the good vibes for her to get better! #sheshreds #sheshredsweek #sheshredsmagazine #speedyortiz #screamingfemales #exhex #exhexband #sheshredsmerch

PDX: See you all tonight!! We'll be screaming and running around throwing shirts and hats and magazines around. It could potentially be the worst decision of your life if you don't come so don't risk it!! #sheshreds #sheshredsweek #sheshredsmagazine #exhex #exhexband #speedyortiz #sadiedupuis #shredweek #noregrets #shredding