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"We tried to engage people verbally and intellectually. We talked a lot at those early shows, we didn't have the rock set together in the beginning. It was more like, half seminar, half rock show." - @corintuckerband on @sleater_kinney in the beginning—interviewed by Marissa Paternoster of @official_screamales! Out June 3rd | Released same day at @mississippistudios. #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #sleaterkinney #screamingfemales #music #guitar

"We just constantly talk about every single thing that is passing through our brains, really. Essentially it's just about being fully there for another person" - @girlpoool. Check out the full interview in issue 8 released this Friday 7/3 at @mississippistudios. Come get your copy and celebrate summer and magazines with us! #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #girlpool #magazine #mississippistudios #guitar #philly #portland #portlandmusic

R.Ring blowing minds last night at our Cleveland show with @earthquakerdev ! Such a magical couple of days spent with some top notch bands and a truly genuinely badass pedal company. Can't wait to do it again in the future! #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #sheshredspresnts #cleveland #rring #kelleydeal #happydog

@missjennanights of @nightsband last night in Cleveland!! This photo doesn't do this band justice but they had tons of awesome pedals and some other weird light things we were really curious about. Lots of solo harmonizing between two guitars and it ruled. Check 'em out! #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #sheshredspresnts #cleveland #clevelandmusic

Our founder Fabi will be speaking at 10:00 AM tomorrow at this rad convention in Louisville, KY. We'll be at the Tim Faulkner Gallery with lots of cool speakers to follow. $5-? Cover, come say hi!! #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #sgc15

6 days until the release of issue 8 at @mississippistudios!! Really pumped to be hosting @thisisbed (pictured) as well as @houndstoothband and Portland's new Cumbia inspired 3-piece, Savila. Come see the magazine IRL, get psychedelic with balloons and projections and bring a hot date to take some photos in our photo booth! 7/3 | $8-$10 | 9:00 |21+