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#Repost @deerhoof. #sheshreds ・・・
#fbf, five of my six sisters in the Rodriguez family. My parents giving me the encouragement to play music changed every aspect of my life for the better. If there's a kid in your life, do the same! If you're an adult who never got that encouragement, it's NEVER too late. Pick up an instrument now! @sheshredsmag is great for everyone but I want to recommend that you get it for the young musician in your life. For girls it means a lot to see someone like yourself further down the road and for boys (of all ages) it'll help prevent those thoughts that music is a mans game. Plus it's just tons of good info and great musicians!

It's so cool to see She Shreds stand out amongst the other guitar publications. This is exactly where we wanted to see the magazine displayed when we first started it! If you're in Chicago go pick up your copy at City News Cafe in the "music magazine" section 😉 #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #doingit #chicago #magazine #guitar #guitarmagazines

#tbt to that time we teamed up with @skatelikeagirlpdx and @adxportland to make some ramps and had a girls only skate session while some badass women shredded on guitar in a metal shop. There was so much shredding. 🎸😍 #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #skatelikeagirl #metal #shredding #shredfest

Last night we experienced @colleengreen420, Upset and @appendixesband at Bunk Bar. Was it good? Was it weird? The results are in. Go read about it and look at all the great pictures by @spexbakerx ! #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #portland #colleen green #upset

In honor of Mother Earth Day, our #wcw is dedicated to one of the most prolific folk guitarists of her generation, who continues to inspire us today: Joni Mitchell. We wish you and quick and healthy recovery! 🎸🎤 "They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum, then they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got til it's gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #bigyellowtaxi #earthday #jonimitchell

Viv Albertine: author of Boys Boys Boys, Music Music Music, Clothes Clothes Clothes and founding member of The Slits featured in issue 7. " There's absolutely no pint in doing any creative work if you're going to censor yourself. If you fail in your work, you never feel bad about it if you've gone for it." #sheshreds #sheshredsmag #theslits #punk #pioneer #vivalbertine