The 2016 US election season has been rough on everyone, regardless of political stance. Sometimes it’s been overwhelming.

With tensions rising even higher over the weeks leading up to Election Day, we wanted to do something to raise spirits and celebrate everyone trying to make our country a better place to live—whether it’s through casting their vote, attending rallies, getting involved in their local communities or on a national level, or simply engaging in a discussion. That “something” quickly became a playlist of some choice politically/socially-charged and other empowering songs.

For those eligible to vote (no matter how you choose to exercise that right) and for the many in our community who are ineligible due to age restrictions, citizenship status, or any other reason—we are all in this together. And no matter what happens after the final votes are tallied tonight, nothing will stop us from speaking up for what we believe in, celebrating diversity and inclusivity, championing positive change, and never backing down in the face of adversity. 

Here’s to you and our collective future! Hope we can add a little more joy to your Election Day.