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Issue No.9

Scene Report: Buenos Aires / Des Ark: Aimée Argote / Blonde Redhead: Kazu Makino / Against Me!: Laura Jane Grace / Hop Along: Frances Quinlan / How To: Humidifying Your Acoustic Guitar + more
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Exploring Multiplicity with Maryn Jones of All Dogs

If you have heard the name Maryn Jones, it could have been under a wide range of contexts. The twenty-seven  more

Dispatches from a Road Warrior: Heartless Bastards’ Erika Wennerstrom Talks Old Guitars and New Album

Erika Wennerstrom’s voice sounds slightly road-weary when she answers the phone from her hotel room. She’s waking up somewhere in  more

Rule #1 Is You’re Not Invited: An Interview with Fran Blanche of Frantone Electronics

Fran Blanche is, quite simply, a genius. In 20 years she has manufactured over 20 original Frantone pedals of sheer  more

St. Vincent Designs Guitar with Women’s Bodies in Mind

Ladies and gentlemen, what I’m about to tell you might literally make you jump up with joy and make all  more

Old Blood Noise Reflector Pedal Demo with Mandii Larsen

This is the final installation of our collaboration and giveaway series with She Shreds Magazine. For this video we featured  more

Old Blood Noise Procession Pedal Demo with Penny Pitchlynn

And thus we enter week three of the She Shreds and Old Blood Noise Endeavors collaboration/ giveaway. This week our  more

She Shreds Seeks Badass Online Editor to Take Over the World

It’s true! She Shreds is looking for that special someone to take our platform to the next level. And guess  more

Premiere: Big Harp – “DIEV” (Official Video)

Since the release of their last record Chain Letter in 2013, Big Harp has been shaping what we hear in  more

In Case You Missed It: 10/17 – 10/30

Jenny Lee Lindberg of Warpaint has released “never,” a video in support of her upcoming LP right on! and has  more
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