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Issue No. 14

Scene Report: McAllen, TX / Moving Pictures: On the Road with Angel Olsen / Ruidosa Fest / Lila Downs / Alvvays / Melanie Faye / Kaki King / Julien Baker + Lauren Denitzio + more
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Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan On Ride or Die Gear, B-More and Dreamy Lambos

Lindsey Jordan shines confidence, range and growth. And she’s just getting started. In 2015, a little-known band from Baltimore named  more

Meet Melanie Faye: The Viral R&B Guitarist Turned Guitar Hero

This article originally appeared as the cover story of She Shreds Issue #14, which was released in February, 2018. With  more

Premiere: “Simulation Feels,” by Dear Nora

After making music for years under the solo moniker Key Losers and as one-half of Lloyd and Michael, Portland-based singer,  more

Enter to Win: Pyramids Stereo Flanging Device by EarthQuaker Devices!

Let the summer giveaway begin! Get started by winning an EarthQuaker Flanging Device like you’ve never seen before. Eight flanger  more

Anything But Square: The Pyramids Stereo Flanging Device by Earthquaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices has bestowed upon us a stereo flanging device that blows all other flangers out of the water. Originally,  more

For the Road Warrior, The Eventide H9 Is the All-In-One Tour Buddy Of Your Dreams

The Eventide H9 Max is a guitarists’ secret weapon. For a session player or hired gun, it means you’ll never  more

Is This Offensive? #1

Since the inception of She Shreds, one of our biggest priorities has always focused on changing and shifting marketing tactics  more

BOYTOY Rips Us Off In New Experimental Video

It’s 2018 and the world is trash but BOYTOY continues to bless us with rock ‘n’ roll that satiates our  more

Wanna Hang Out? She Shreds Presents In NYC, ATX, PDX

Starting tomorrow Thursday, June 7th She Shreds will begin our series of shows spanning New York City, Austin, TX and  more
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